Presentation to Council

Mayor Creelman and Council

My name is Elaine Capes – thank you for the opportunity to present – I would like to share what I believe I have to offer to the position of councillor

Since relocating our family to Mono in 2005, I have been persistently and consistently involved in the community:


  • In our neighbourhood
    • we moved in the end Apr and at the end of July we hosted what became the 1st of an annual neighbourhood Rib&Pie fest – our block is 2 klm in each direction – we put flyers in everyone’s mail box, neighbors who had been here for generations thanked us because they hadn’t socialized each other for years
    • this year we signed up for the adopt a road program to pick up the garbage that comes from passing vehicles
  • In our children’s school
    • as a teacher helper, student helper, and trip supervisor, I was a Parent Council member and chair, participated in fundraising, and launching the school garden and eco club program
  • In NFP sector
    • Served on various Boards of Directors, Headwater Health Care Foundation focus on a governance and fundraising, I remain connected thru their Foundation Senate, past chair of Board for Family Transition place
  • In my work as a contracted facilitator, I am responsible for collaboration and engagement across multiple organisations, I’d like to highlight 3 engagements
    1. Dec last year I hosted a 3-hour courageous conversation about DEI which included presentations from others on their work in this areas as well as examining White privileged
  1. On behalf of the Dufferin Community Foundation, I designed and facilitated 2 virtual youth engagement sessions exploring what our youth value about DC and what they wish for the future
  2. Over the past year I participated in the development of our Provincially mandated Dufferin County Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan and now sit on the Integration Table accountable to meet the plan deliverables
  • In my role as a Director and President of MC2, Mono Mulmur Citizens Coalition,
    • I have been keeping an awareness of what is going on generally with land use, property standards, and what makes it to the council agendas that has an impact on the environment and well-functioning of our municipal and county government

I have demonstrated my interest in municipal process since 2008 – attending council meetings, applying for a previous vacancy, running for election in 2010, 2014 and 2018, having the pleasure of representing Mono citizens from 2010 to 2014 as a councillor, and participating as  the Town representative on the Headwaters Tourism Board, The Rosemont Fire Board and the Heritage Committee.

As a past councillor, I was directly involved in the OP review, creating the Strategic Plan, developing the budget process, with departmental business plans, and leading a review of the Noise bylaw, which I see is on the unfinished council business report along with items addressing land use – what’s desirable and what isn’t – I applaud your recent decision to enforce the OP regarding the On the 9 application and staying true to the #Es in the strategic plan

I have maintained my membership to Municipal World keeping connected to and sharing issues arising in their publications and youtubes

My first-hand knowledge of operational structure, policy, process, and procedure makes me confident that I can get up to speed up quickly, and participate fully upon being sworn in. And I graciously accept the offer for mentoring to be familiarized with changes and revision that have been made since the end of my term, in 2014

I have a passion for the importance of place and placemaking including our built and natural environment and the role that plays in community wellbeing and creating a sense of community belonging. I see land use and preserving our natural environment for the children of our children, as a priority – this is a valuable asset to protect

I am committed to maintaining Mono’s beauty, respecting the land we occupy, using the instruments like our OP, zoning and Bylaws for effective Land Use management, appreciating our history and culture, and being deliberate about engagement and inclusion for community wellbeing as our demographics and urban and rural density evolve.

My reasons for applying and my desire for serving Mono citizens on council also fit with

My Personal Values – of clarity, teamwork, achievement and continuous learning

Clarity – Working from curiosity, to listen and understand, to create common ground and shared understanding, and establishing expectations

Teamwork – working together toward a common goal, shared aims, and cooperating for results

Achievement – establishing goals, deliverables, desired outcomes and working towards making them come about, being able to measure / demonstrate progress

Continuous learning – I work on increasing my knowledge and skill for application in my work and being a better person so I can make a positive contribution – over this COVID year I earned an Indigenous Canada certificate from the University of Alberta

My professional Purpose

To commit my skill, knowledge and experience for making a difference in individual, community and population wellbeing

In conclusion, I believe my submission of qualifications and my presentation demonstrate the passion, participation and professionalism I offer to the position of councillor, to contribute to the efficiency of our operations, preserving our rural character, and making a positive contribution to the quality of life of our citizens and to do so in a collaborative manner.

I’m happy to respond to any questions you may have  … Thank you

Elaine Capes